Our latest build - "Ocean & Motion Update" contains new elements like Cheep-Cheep generator, Auto-scroll marker, and platform border marker. The program will run properly, thanks to bug fixing.


Auto-scroll marker.

All kinds of platforms & border marker.


​Cheep-Cheep generator & static roto-disc.


Ocean suite, new scenaries, and roto-disc core.

Other updates

Global options & Additional settings.


--Before executing the program--

  1. Make sure that .NET Framework 4 or newer is installed. If you're on Windows 7/XP, open dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe and install it. An Internet connection is required.
    If you're on Windows 8 or newer, then .NET Framework 4.5 is installed by default and no operation is needed.
  2. Download the zipped "Data" folder and extract the folder from the .7z archive. Make sure that "Data" folder is in SMWP's folder.


  1. All these updates are based on Mario Worker 1.1.
  2. SMWP will save your level as .smwl format. Current or newer version of SMWP can load it. If you load it with an old version of SMWP, some elements in your level may lose.
    SMWP can load Mario Worker 1.1's format (.mfl), but SMWP won't save your level as .mfl.
  3. SMWP is still in development. If you encountered any problems, contact INNOVATION LEAP.


Q: What is Super Mario Worker Project? Is this developed by Softendo?
A: We have expected Softendo (aka Michal "Buziol" Gdaniec) to update Mario Worker 1.1 (aka Game Maker ver.), but all hopes have failed. Although there are multiple "Mario Workers" existing, MW (GM ver.) cannot be replaced by them in the Chinese Mario Worker community. In July 2015, INNOVATION LEAP started developing an unofficial heavy-updated version of MW (GM ver.), and we call it "Super Mario Worker Project".

Q: Is this stuff developed from scratch?
A: No. We obtained the source of Mario Worker that bundled with Mario Forever 4.1 (which is basically the same as 4.4), and we made bug fixing and new feature development based on it.

Q: What is the latest version of SMWP?
A: Version 1.6.5.

Q: I encountered grey screen.
A: Install .NET Framework 4 or newer.

Q: Where can I share SMWP levels and scenarios?
A:Super Mario Worker Project Database is a website where users can share their own SMWP levels and scenarios.


v1.6.5 (2019-07-15)

  • Added Super Delete Mode. All the items can be deleted in this mode. (2019-07-14)

Bugs fix
  • Fixed an issue where Check Point moved one pixel to the left when saving a level. (2019-07-09)
  • Fixed an issue where levels would not run smoothly when there were too many platforms. (2019-07-12)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash after perishing together with Bowser. (2019-07-12)